Terms & Conditions

To our valuable artists (vendors) selling your artwork on Drawing Anatomy & Art website (drawinganatomy.art)

We value your work and care about your business.

Below terms and conditions are mandatory to be agreed upon by each artist when registering as a vendor.

The purpose is to keep the website, your store, earnings, and rights & responsibilities clear and well established.

Please read carefully, and only accept if you fully agree.

You can sell printed copies or original artwork.



We provide a secured server, SSL, and various on-page, and backed security measures to keep the site safe.

However, it's your responsibility to use a strong password, and keep it safe, for your own account. As you will be held responsibly for any breach or misuse of your own account.


Artistic Freedom

Our message is to promote artistic freedom. In all forms of art.

You have complete freedom in listing your artwork, as it represents your own artistic views, vision and opinions.


Vendor Capabilities & Access

We offer everything we can and find it useful for our vendors to make the most out of their store.

Unlimited Products

Our vendors have access to list an unlimited number of products (artwork) in their store.

Store Management

It's your responsibility to maintain your store, post quality images of your work to make it more attractive for potential buyers.

Add description to each product. Use your artistic creativity in describing your work.

There's no limit or censorship.

Sales Reports & More

Your store dashboard as a vendor gives you access to easy to use and understand reports.

Simple and clear graphics. You can export your sales reports to CSV or Sheets.

You can also view your customers, their spending, and more.


Selling Your Products

We provide the tools needed to create the perfect store.

We do not interfere with the pricing, you have the full right to set up your own price as you find suitable.

Additionally, you have access to create coupons, special offers, add value, offer shipping and more.


Pricing & Commissions

We do not interfere with the pricing, you have the full right to set up your own price as you find suitable.

The commission is based on your membership.

Free membership, entitles your to 70% commission of the sale price

Paid membership (monthly, annually) entitles you to 90% commission of the sale price.


  • Shipping fees are paid to vendors 100%
  • Vendor Coupons (created by yourself) are deducted from your commission.
  • Website Admin Coupons (Created by us - the website admins) are deducted from our own commission.


You are eligible to request withdraw for your earnings once an order is marked as complete.

The minimum payout threshold is as little as USD20

We use PayPal for payouts. So make sure you have the correct email ID setup.

We're not responsible if you encounter issues with your own PayPal account, or have provided us with the wrong address.


Shipping & Refunds

Vendors have access to setup shipping price in addition to the item price.

Shipping fees are paid 100% to the vendor.

It's the vendor's responsibility to ship their product, printed or original, as per their listing.


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